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There are 1138 Western Australian Accountants firms, with 173 Accountants firms in the Perth CBD and nearby suburbs.
Competition for new clients is fierce.

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Because we work in the Google ecosystem, when we optimise your business for local seo your website will also improve in organic search results.

Consider Local SEO And How It Can Help You

How Local SEO Works

How It Is Possible To Grow Your Reach

Local Search Is Different To Organic Search

Getting your business into the local box in Google search will give you a huge advantage.

NOTE: The local search database is different to the main organic database. It is made of results from those businesses registered in Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile) and ONLY the top 3 results appear in this box. The rest can be found by clicking on the "More Businesses" button, but the reality is not many people bother to dig any deeper than the front page of Google.
Also not all search terms get a local result.

Keywords That Give A Local Result That Are Highly Desirable For Accountants

The following keywords for accountants have paid ads. Keywords with paid ads shows that companies are willing to pay to appear for this keyword. Where there is any competition on keywords should indicate to you that this keyword is worth considering.

  • accountant
  • accounting services
  • bookkeeping services
  • cpa accountant
  • personal tax accountant
  • succession planning accountants
  • superannuation advice
  • tax accountant
  • auditing
  • insolvency
  • management accounting
  • management consulting
  • valuation services
  • taxation
  • bookkeeping
  • payroll services

* Please Note: Advertising patterns can change from suburb to suburb however the above is a very good guide.

  • Our LOCAL SEO Campaigns are comprised of 8 suburbs and we work with 8 keywords.
  • Once we gain control of a suburb then we introduce a new suburb to the campaign
  • Campaigns are always paid 1 month in advance
  • There are NO LOCK IN contracts, you can OPT-OUT at anytime, although we stress that it usually takes at least 3 months for substantial SEO results
  • Campaigns automatically roll into the next month until OPT-OUT is requested 1 month in advance

By staying in the campaign you continually gain surrounding suburbs where each of the 8 chosen keywords will present your Accounting Firm in the Local Search Map Pack

Use CODE accountant400 for our LOW (locked-in) price of $400/month
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